July 3, 2012
Olympic Medical Reports PinPoint Initial Results for Head and Neck Treatments

For more than 22 years, the Radiation Oncology department at Olympic Medical Center has been at the forefront of patient care: from the early days of conventional therapy, IMRT and stereotactic radiotherapy, to state-of-the-art techniques such as VMAT and SBRT. Olympic was also the first facility on the west coast north of Stanford to treat with the new high tech Varian TrueBeam accelerator.The Radiation Oncology staff has been dedicated to improving the quality of their treatments. This is highlighted in their most recent efforts to improve Head and Neck treatments beyond what is currently capable with thermoplastic masks.By purchasing the Aktina PinPoint system, Olympic believed that an alternative approach to thermoplastic setups was possible. They committed themselves to learning and investing in new technology, and thus, they pushed the limit as to what is possible regarding Head and Neck setup uncertainty and intra-fractional movement. drs. zimmerman and shevach with truebeam 300

In December of 2011, Olympic took delivery of their Aktina PinPoint System to be used for both cranial radiosurgery as well as Head and Neck localization and immobilization.

Their first patient was treated in April of 2012. Their first experience with the Aktina PinPoint system has confirmed their beliefs, that it is possible to reduce setup uncertainty and intra-fractional motion, as well as increase patient compliance.

john engstrom 150 John Engstrom, BSRT
Chief Radiation Therapist“We’ve been very pleased with the results of the Aktina PinPoint system so far. I fully expected the cranial set-up to work (which it has), but the Head and Neck system is a game changer. get less than 1mm daily variation from the initial set-up, to say nothing of no movement during treatment! It’s beyond our expectations.”
mike shevach150
Michael Shevach, MD

Radiation Oncologist“With the initial results with the Aktina PinPoint system, we would really be very optimistic to move entirely away from thermoplastic masks for Head and Neck cases. PinPoint has proven itself to be more accurate and easier on the patient.”