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Circular Small Field Cone Inserts

REF: 50-302

Inter-changeable cones are provided over a range of 4 through 40mm field sizes (increments of 1mm). Each cone is uniquely recognized by the Elekta LINAC by a simple coding system: code value = size of the cone in mm. This reduces potential errors that could occur at treatment.

The precision LINAC interface is extremely reproducible within virtually no cone movement.

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Technical Specifications

Cone Weight 5.2 - 5.6 kg (11 - 12 lbs)
Collimation Type Divergent
Cone Size Range 4 through 40 mm
Cone Size Increments 1mm
Attenuating Material Lead
Cone Exterior Stainless Steel
Penumbra Characteristics 2.0 - 2.6 mm
(20% to 80% distance, measured at 1.5 cm despth)

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