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REF: 80-500

The Aktina Navigator-CS allows for complex cervical-spine and head-neck treatment setups. The system allows for 20 degrees of roll and pitch rotation as well as 8cm of fine-tune adjustment in the superior-inferior direction. These three extra degrees of freedom allow for first-of-its-kind deformable transformations of the patient cranium relative to their torso, which allows for reduction of inter-fractional setup errors as well as fine-tuning initial patient setup.

The system is provided with a high-accuracy digital inclinometer. Couch adapter is configured separately.

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Technical Specifications

Weight 13.5 lbs (6.1kg)
Dimension 7.1inches (18cm) width
18.1 inches (46.1cm) length
14.6 inches (37cm) height
Indexing Compatibility Varian Exact Couch ®
Elekta Evo Couch ®
Feedback Digitial Inclinometer
Ranges 80mm superior-inferior linear   travel
10° for both pitch and roll.
Posterior  Head Support U-type thermoplastic hammock
Nose bridge stabilizer Additional module - not proved   with standard kit

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