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Senoview 2

REF: 70-200

The Aktina Senoview 2 includes many developments and improvements over the previous Senoview Prone Breast System. Our customers spoke and we listened.

Like the Senoview, the Senoview 2 solves many of the current problems with standard prone breast boards. The unique patent pending design orients the patient in a prone or semi-decubitus position resting on an adjustable sternum bridge, allowing the treatment field edges to be viewed and marked for both the medial and lateral fields. This is a significant advantage over standard prone breast boards, where the medial field cannot be visualized on the patient’s skin for field edge marking and verification.

Simple and Easy to Use

The SenoView 2 system consists of three modular light-weight components which interlock with each other within seconds and can be easily indexed to the treatment couch. A wall docking station is available to safely store the components when not in use.

Extremely Comfortable

Patient comfort is critical to the success of SenoView 2 treatments. The contralateral breast is never compressed (unlike standard prone breast boards). Since the patient can be rotated, the contra-lateral breast is simply supported out of the field with a breast support.

The treatment-side arm is never over extended, but instead is rested at a level below the head with comfortable cushions. The opposite arm is oriented along the hips of the patient, so as not to interfere with any treatment fields or visibility of the field edges. With the SenoView system, the patient can relax and not feel unbalanced or stressed. The opposite arm can also be positioned on the arms cushions, providing flexibility for various patient setups.

The SenoView System was co-developed with Andrew J. Tamas, the Chief Radiation Therapist at Union State Bank Cancer Center.

Estimated Product Release Date Nov 2013. US Patents Pending

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