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Small Field Circular Cones System for Siemens

REF: 50-300

Aktina’s Small Field Circular Collimators are light-weight, simple to use, and extremely accurate. The Adapter has an extremely low profile (similar to a beam block tray) so that collisions are virtually eliminated. Inter-changeable cones are provided over a large range of field sizes and the system can be implemented on your Siemens LINAC without any modification to the Siemens collimator head. The precision LINAC interface is extremely reproducible without any play.

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Technical Specifications

Compatibility Siemens Primus and Oncor LINACs
LINAC Interface Siemens Slot #2 (wedge slot)
Adapter Weight 5.7 kg (12.6 lbs)
Cone Weight 4.9 kg to 5.3 kg (10.8 lbs to 11.6 lbs)
Collimation Type Divergent
Source to Collimation Distances Contact Aktina for more information
Cone sizes From 10mm to 37.5mm (increments of 2.5mm)
Attenuating Material Cerrobend
Cone exterior Stainless Steel
Source to Bottom of System 60.4 cm (39.6 cm of clearance)
LINAC cone size interlock none

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