positionPRO Modular Immobilization

positionPRO™ is a modular pitch and roll correction enabled immobilization system for cranial, C-spine, and head and neck treatments. This innovative modular solution provides patient immobilization and precision position correction for intracranial, C-spine, and head and neck regions.

Clinical Benefits

Pitch and roll corrections are easily performed with simple adjustment knobs. Real world shifts are translated with an accurate and easy to read
degree scale.

Treat Multiple Sites With a Single Device

• Intracranial SRS, head and neck, and C-spine treatments are all facilitated with the EZ-swap modules.

Uniform Density and Secure Immobilization

• The unique locking channels slide on with ease and provide a large footprint of fixation. This also allows for a very dosimetrically uniform design with no bulky beam impeding closures or base plates.

Thermoplastic Flexibility

• Enhanced open face or standard closed masks are available for use with the EZ-swap head support modules. A head support riser enables
precise, reproducible, and easy thermoplastic hammock formation.

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