The manner in which radiosurgery treatments are administered directly impacts patient outcomes, as well as the duties and tasks of technicians, the time required to set up and deliver treatments, and the myriad costs associated with them. When using Elekta LINACs, Aktina SRS Small Field Circular Collimators, or SRS Cones, provide one of the most precise and cost-effective radiotherapy delivery tools. Here are five key advantages to consider:

  1. Speed and ease of use

Aktina SRS Cones are light-weight, simple, and easy to use. For example, the cone adapter simply snaps onto the Elekta LINAC head without the need for modifications to the collimator face plate. Inter-changeable cones are available over a range of 5 through 40mm field sizes in increments of 1mm to cover the full range of expected treatment diameters: and changing from one size of cone to another can be done in seconds. 

  1. Extreme accuracy

Aktina SRS Cones are manufactured to extremely tight tolerances, appropriate to their purpose. SRS cones are made with lead as the attenuating material and feature a rugged stainless steel exterior that protects the softer inner components and ensures a long, accurate life.

The precision cone mounting mechanisms incorporated into SRS Cones is extremely reproducible without any play, eliminating the need for additional adjustments and alignments. This provides a fast, reliable, and reproducible location of the precision cone to help ensure highly accurate treatments. In most cases, the accuracy of treatment using SRS Cones is completely sufficient and does not require the use of specialized, single-purpose SRS systems.

  1. Built-in Quality Assurance

Aktina SRS Cones provide QA functionality with a “fool-proof” design to ensure consistent treatment accuracy, and are barcoded and register with the application software to ensure proper radiation dosage delivery. Additionally, Aktina SRS Cones feature carved channels and grooves that match corresponding channels and grooves carved into the applicator. As a cone is inserted into the applicator, it depresses specific switches to confirm that it is the proper size cone for the programmed dosage. The control software, which is integrated with the Aktina SRS Cones and applicator, compares the installed cone with the programmed plan to confirm that they match before treatment delivery.

  1. High cost-efficiency

Specialized, single-purpose SRS systems can be very costly. Aktina SRS Cones deliver highly accurate treatments at lower cost with built-in quality controls.

  1. Endorsed by Elekta

Elekta Instrument AB, a world-wide leader in LINAC systems, is a global distributor of Aktina SRS Cones for use in cancer treatments and various other radiation therapies. This further validates the performance, accuracy and cost-efficiency of Aktina SRS Cones.

Radiosurgery is more accurate and effective than ever. The use of Aktina SRS Cones with Elekta LINACs is helping contribute to better patient outcomes. Contact us for more information about SRS Cones and how to make use of them at your treatment facility.