Additional Products Include Noninvasive Immobilization Solutions 

isoPoint in Treatment Room with laptop, LINAC and other components

Congers, NY (October 20, 2022)Aktina Medical, the industry’s primary source for radiation oncology solutions, is showcasing its portfolio of innovative solutions, including its groundbreaking isoPoint™ system, at the ASTRO 2022 Annual Meeting – booth # 2996. The new isoPoint™ Isocenter Characterization System is an industry first solution for accurately locating and characterizing a LINAC isocenter.

“We are thrilled to be demonstrating our isoPoint solution, and others, at ASTRO 2022,” said Nicholas G. Zacharopoulos, CEO, Aktina Medical. “Industry professionals can see the system up-close and in action, and celebrate as isoPoint removes the guesswork out of isocenter characterization.”

The isoPoint system consists of a camera pod and an optical tracking module that is attached to the LINAC collimator to accurately measure the collimator axes of rotation. Using optical tracking with 1/100mm precision and patented techniques for couch axis alignment, beam alignment, and 3D Winston-Lutz analysis and display, the isoPoint solution eliminates SRS commissioning complexities with ease. Integrated software also provides a full suite of tools for isocenter management including optimized isocenter computation, live-track couch alignment, beam alignment current computation, and end-to-end beam-to-target error matrix computation.

Also on display from Aktina Medical is the company’s extensive line of immobilization solutions for improved patient comfort and outcomes. The positionPRO™ Radiotherapy Patient Immobilization and Set-up System, is the premiere modular immobilization system for cranial, head, and neck treatments. positionPRO’s unique pitch and roll correcting overlay, interchangeable head support modules, ergonomic hand grips, and distinctive thermoplastic shoulder support allow technicians to deliver more precise, efficient treatment while maintaining patient comfort.

Additional products available for demonstration at ASTRO 2022 include the SenoView Prone Breast System, Memorial Cradle2 for body radiosurgery, Respiratory Compression Belts, Axion 1 Carbon Fiber Breast Board, and others.

Aktina Medical is a full-service radiation oncology designer and manufacturer. For more information on Aktina Medical’s extensive line of products, contact, go to, or visit booth 2996 at ASTRO 2022.