Recent Accomplishments Also Include Acceptance of Two Manuscripts to Various Medical Physics Journals

Image of Nick Zacharopoulos - CEO of Aktina Medical

Congers, NY (March 8, 2023)Aktina Medical, a provider of radiation oncology systems and services, is proud to announce the acceptance of their Chief Executive Officer, Nicholas Zacharopoulos, to the McGill University Ph.D. program of Biological and Biomedical Engineering with a focus on Medical Physics.

“I am very honored for this opportunity to join such a renowned team at McGill doing cutting edge research and advancing the field of medical physics,” said Nicholas G. Zacharopoulos, CEO, Aktina Medical.

In addition to his program acceptance, Zacharopoulos has also first-authored two manuscripts that have been recently accepted to leading medical physics journals. The manuscripts, “A formalism and methodology for measurement and control of LINAC isocenter”, to be published in Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics, and “An improved method for evaluating LINAC isocenter,” to be published in Medical Physics Journal, cover the core framework, principles, and methods embodied in isoPoint™, Aktina Medical’s soon to be released system for isocenter characterization, optimization, and validation.

“We feel that patients, as well as the medical physics community at large, deserve a better path forward regarding LINAC isocenter. Our goal at Aktina is to enable physicists to be completely in control of a process that is currently a major pain point,” said Zacharopoulos. “It is an exciting time to be a part of the Aktina Medical team!”

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