Congers, NY (July 2, 2019) – Aktina Medical, the industry’s primary source for radiation oncology needs, announced that Elekta Instrument AB, based in Sweden, will offer and distribute the Aktina line of patented SRS Cones globally for use in cancer treatments and other appropriate radiation therapies.

“We are delighted to take this step with Elekta, our long-time collaborator and partner,” said Nicholas G. Zacharopoulos, COO, Aktina Medical. “Our patented SRS Cones are a simple, easy-to-use solution that has proven effective in clinical applications. Working with Elekta to make these useful devices available to more clinics around the world is a positive step for the improvement of cancer treatment everywhere.”

The use of calibrated cones in stereotactic radiosurgery has grown in recent years, particularly in clinics that do not have access to the most advanced special-purpose radiation treatment equipment. By using the Aktina SRS Cones, such clinics can deliver highly accurate SRS treatments using their existing general-purpose radiation treatment equipment.

Unlike previous solutions, the Aktina SRS Cone system features lead based interlocking cones with stainless steel sleeves that have carved channels and grooves that match corresponding channels and grooves carved into the applicator. As each cone is inserted into the applicator, they depress (or don’t depress) specific switches and confirm by their own insertion that they are the proper size cone for the programmed dosage. The control software, which has been integrated with the cones and applicator, compares the installed cone with the programmed plan and confirms they match before proceeding. In this way, automated treatment verification lets technicians benefit from fast, simple equipment setup while ensuring they deliver the correct dosage and treatment specified for the patients.

The SRS Cones are only one of the company’s latest advancements for improved radiosurgery accuracy, and patient immobilization and comfort. Other Aktina solutions include its SenoView prone breast system, SpiroCheck Duo® quality assurance system, and the Memorial Cradle 2 immobilization system for body radiosurgery.

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