Wykoff Hospital (Brooklyn, NY) implements Aktina SRS-turnkey solution. In 2010, TMA implemented non-invasive intra-cranial SRS at Wyckoff with the Aktina PinPoint system. https://www.aktina.com/news/wykoff-hospital-implements-aktina-srs-turnkey-solution/Aktina supported TMA and Wyckoff through an SRS “turn-key” solution including hardware, software and medical physics services. This package included SRS small field cones for their Siemens LINAC, PinPoint localization and fixation, SRS data collection and commissioning, as well remote treatment planning for SRS. wyckoff-group
wyckoff-tchelebi Mounzer Tchelbi, MD.
Radiation Oncologist, Wyckoff Department Chairman”Aktina supported us through the entire SRS implementation process. We are now routinely performing SRS treatments without back-logging the LINAC. Patient compliance has been excellent and the entire staff is relieved not to have to be involved with invasive frames.”


wyckoff-ashamalla Hani Ashamalla, MD.
Radiation Oncologist, TMA Group Co-Charmain
“The early results have been very positive. We have been tracking PinPoint setup accuracy via CT registration scans and we are observing extremely good correlation to initial CT patient positions, both in terms of the translational and rotational accuracy.

About Wyckoff Hospital

In December of 2004, the Radiation Oncology department at Wyckoff Hospital (Brooklyn, NY), which is operated by TMA Radiation Oncology Group, underwent a complete renovation including a new Siemens LINAC, new CT scanner, planning system and digital radiography system.

Since then, the department has grown considerably while offering state-of-the-art radiotherapy, including brachytherapy, samarium-153 coupled with kyphoplasty for treatment of vertebral metastases, and IMRT.

The TMA Group, which is co-directed by Drs. Mounzer Tchelebi , Hani Ashamalla, and Bahaa Mokhtar, remains very active in clinical trials as well as clinical research, publishing extensively in a broad range of areas including dose escalation techniques, PET / CT image guidance techniques, and stereotactic radiosurgery.

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