Siemens Electron Beam Shaping System

REF: 52-485

Siemens Electron Beam Shaping System


The Aktina Electron Beam Shaping System is used to fabrication custom low-melting alloy masks for electron treatments. The casted masks are used to collimate the electron beam of the 95 cm applicators for the Siemens Linear accelerator. Styrofoam precuts and electron templates can be ordered separately.

System consists of:
52-914 Shaping Base (1 piece)
53-050 Rubber Mold Set (1 set)
35-960 Cerroband Bracket (2 pieces)
35-965 Cerroband Stiffener (2 pieces)
35-969 Cerroband Clamp (8 pieces)
52-923 Sytrofoam Precuts (1 set)
53-046 Hot Wirer Cutter (1 piece)
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