Low Energy Photon Beam Blocking System

REF: 53-418

Low Energy Photon Beam Blocking System


The Low Energy Lead Block Kit consists of 14 pre-shaped clinical lead blocks to be used with photon energies 6MV or less. All surfaces are covered with white powder-coat paint. Each block is 6 cm thick (NCRP Report No. 102: thickness of lead required to reduce beam to 5%).

The provided screws allow the blocks to be attached to standard 3/8″ beam block trays. The eye blocks are attached to the beam block trays with a single screw. All other lead blocks are attached with two screws. The system weighs 30 lbs.


Consists of: Description
Qty = 2 Semicircular (kidney) – 50mm diameter
Qty = 2 Square – 50mm x 50mm
Qty = 2 Square (spinal cord) – 13mm x 100mm
Qty = 2 Triangular – 40mm x 40mm
Qty = 2 Circular (eye) – 10 mm diameter
Qty = 2 Rectangular – 25mm x 80mm
Qty = 2 Standard Thumb Screws – 8/32 x 3/4″
Qty = 2 Eye Block Thumb Screws – 8/32 x 1/2″


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