SenoView Prone Breast

REF: 70-210

SenoView Prone Breast


The Aktina SenoView was designed with comfort in mind. Comfort is critical to the success of prone breast treatments. With the SenoView, the patient can relax and not feel unbalanced or stressed.  Built on a robust carbon fiber platform, the SenoView can handle extreme workloads while remaining light weight. A module design coupled with a moveable breast treatment window make for easy, accurate setups.

Simple and Easy to Use

The SenoView system is comprised of two modular light-weight components that interlock with each other within seconds. Integrated indexing allows the unit to be fixed quickly to any treatment couch for a secure treatment experience.


A variety of setup options allow for precise reproducibility. This combined with the high comfort level design allow the patient to remain still for longer treatment times.


A wall docking station is available to safely store the components when not in use.

Download the Prone Breast Board Setup Sheet.

The SenoView System was co-developed with Andrew J. Tamas, the Chief Radiation Therapist at Union State Bank Cancer Center.
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