Circular Small Field Cone Inserts

REF: 50-302

Circular Small Field Cone Inserts


Inter-changeable cones are provided over a range of 5 through 40mm field sizes (increments of 1mm). Each cone is uniquely recognized by the Elekta LINAC by a simple coding system: code value = size of the cone in mm. This reduces potential errors that could occur at treatment.

The precision LINAC interface is extremely reproducible within virtually no cone movement.

Technical Specifications

Cone Weight 5.2-5.6kg (11-12 lbs)
Collimation Type Divergent
Cone Size Range 5 thru 40mm
Cone Size Increments 1mm
Attenuating Material Lead
Cone Exterior Stainless steel
Penumbra Characteristics 2.0-2.6mm (20% to 80% distance, measured at 1.5cm depth)

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