SRS Cone Adapter

REF: 50-370

Aktina’s Small Field Circular Collimators are safe, light-weight, simple to use, and extremely accurate. The Adapter simply snaps onto the Elekta LINAC head without the need for modifications to the collimator face plate.Inter-changeable cones are provided over a range of 5 through 40mm field sizes (increments of 1mm). Each cone is uniquely recognized by the Elekta LINAC by a simple coding system: code value = size of the cone in mm. This reduces potential errors that could occur at treatment.

The system has been jointly validated by Aktina and Elekta and is compatible with Elekta’s bar code scanner system for jaw size verification.

The precision LINAC interface is extremely reproducible without any play.

US Patent 9449727

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Technical Specifications

LINAC Compatibility Elekta Digitial Accelerators (with bar code scanning)
MLC Compatibility Agility and MLCi2
Linac Interface Direct Mount
Adapter Weight 6.9 kg (15.2 Lbs)
Cone Weight 5.2 - 5.6 kg (11 - 12 lbs)
Collimation Type Divergent
Cone Sizes Available 5 through 40 mm
Attenuating Material Lead
Cone Exterior Stainless Steel
Patient Clearance 33.1 cm
Code Type Beam Block Tray
Code Value no cone: 64
with cone: cone size in mm
QA insert: 63
TPS Compatibility Monaco 5.11 or greater
Pinnacle 9.10 or greater
Raystation v5 (with DICOM filter applied)
IEC performance data Available upon request (email:

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