isoPoint™ Isocenter Characterization Solution


isoPoint™ Isocenter Characterization Solution

isoPoint™ is a revolutionary isocenter characterization solution. It measures a LINAC’s collimator and couch mechanical rotational axes in three dimensions and uses them to find and adjust the optimal isocenter. Patented optical tracking and 3D data analysis allow for isocenter to be decomposed into simple modular subsystems that can be adjusted and optimized individually.

isoPoint makes it possible to align the couch, quickly and accurately perform beam alignment, and optically guide a marker location to isocenter, resulting in 1/100mm precision accuracy. The automated process reduces the time to perform the entire process to just minutes.

isoPoint also uses patented isocenter end-to-end test techniques whereby the simple isocenter radius is replaced with a full error matrix containing beams-eye-view beam-to-tumor error vectors for all combinations of gantry and couch angles. This powerful tool will assist the medical physicist, ensuring the most accurate treatment at all times.

The system consists of a camera pod and an optical tracking module that is attached to the LINAC collimator to accurately measure the collimator axes of rotation. An optical tracking module is also used to position a marker at the found isocenter with extreme accuracy. A software package provides a full suite of tools for isocenter management including optimized isocenter computation, live-track couch alignment, beam alignment current computation, and end-to-end beam-to-target error matrix computation.

*Estimated release date: December 2021

*isoPoint end-to-end functionality pending FDA 501(k) approval

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