IGRT Cube Phantom

REF: 57-300

IGRT Cube Phantom


The Aktina Cube Phantom is the easy choice for daily IGRT Quality Assurance that allows for end-to-end testing and isocenter-imaging accuracy. The advanced design permits for multiple tests for imager, field size, laser and isocenter checks.

Machined from a solid block of acrylic material the cube is both durable and precise. Two tungsten balls are imbedded in an offset manner for accurate positioning – repositioning testing.

  • KV-MV coincidence
  • Integrated offset fiducial marker used to check the accuracy of couch corrections
  • TG-142 ready
  • Laser alignment
  • Laser-field light coincidence

Technical Specifications

Material Acrylic cube, nominal 10cm
Phantom Weight 1.2 kg
Fiducial Quantity 2
Fiducial Characteristics 2 +/-.0025mm tungsten balls; density 17.16g/cm^3

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