PinPoint Cranial SRS

REF: 50-510

PinPoint Cranial SRS


The PinPoint Cranial SRS system (commonly refered to as Level II system) provides non-invasive stereotactive localization with pitch, roll and yaw capability.

The Future of Radiosurgery

A breakthrough in Radiosurgery is finally here. Aktina Medical is proud to introduce PinPoint, the only frameless localization and fixation system that can be trusted to provide the most accurate and patient friendly localization and immobilization.


Patented vacuum fixation technology is the key to PinPoint’s non-invasive approach. This proven solution enables the most accurate patient localization and fixation without the need for invasive frames.


Sub-millimeter positioning accuracy can be achieved for intracranial applications with exacting precision every time. For extracranial uses, PinPoint delivers increased accuracy with ease and simplicity compared to thermoplastic masks.

Simple to Use

PinPoint’s non-invasive approach reduces stress on the patient and makes procedures easier for the entire radiation oncology department. With PinPoint, the patient does not have to be simulated, planned, and treated on the same day, allowing more flexibility for single fraction and multi-fraction SRS.


With two large treatment and imaging areas, PinPoint is fully IGRT compatible, providing the required fl exibility for today’s demanding treatment modalities.

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