Improving Intracranial and Head and Neck Radiation Treatments with New Immobilization Solutions

One of the most important factors to ensure the success of Intracranial and head and neck radiation treatments deals with patient immobilization and positioning. Without an accurate and known position for treatment areas on the simulation couch top and the LINAC, it is impossible for technicians to accurately deliver the prescribed radiotherapy.

This challenge is even more critical for intracranial, C-spine, and head and neck treatments because of the close proximity of other vital and sensitive areas, and the typically small target size where radiation is to be delivered. In these situations, even small inaccuracies and uncertainties translate into large discrepancies on a percentage basis. An ideal solution should assist in ensuring positioning accuracy while enabling technicians to work more efficiently.

Innovative solution for patient immobilization and positioning

The new Aktina positionPRO™ modular immobilization system is designed for accuracy and implementation flexibility, while also supporting technician speed and efficiency. The combination of these feature attributes results in operational benefits as well as improved patient comfort.

Here are a few of the advantages provided by this innovative treatment solution:

  1. Speed and ease of use
    Aktina positionPRO combines patient immobilization with position correction in a single solution. The system’s interchangeable head support modules allow quick transitions between enhanced thermoplastic or vacuum fixation modes, saving valuable time.
  2. Extreme accuracy
    Aktina positionPRO is based upon a unique precision pitch and roll correcting overlay. When combined with a highly effective means of patient immobilization, the resulting treatment support system delivers the highly reliable and reproducible accuracy required for intracranial treatment positioning, c-spine treatment positioning, and other head and neck treatments.
  3. Operational flexibility
    Aktina positionPRO was designed on a flexible modular platform with today’s advanced radiation therapy clinic in mind. The heart of the system (the pitch and roll correcting overlay) can be easily indexed to any treatment or simulation couch top with interchangeable head support modules for use with either thermoplastic or vacuum fixation modes. Ergonomic hand grips and a unique thermoplastic shoulder support option provide added treatment flexibility.
  4. Patient comfort
    Radiation treatment is stressful and can be uncomfortable for patients, which can be further exacerbated by extended immobilization and set up times. Aktina positionPRO is designed for maximum patient comfort while maintaining high positioning accuracy. It is also designed for fast setup and efficiency, which helps minimize periods of immobilization and improves the overall patient experience.

Head and neck radiosurgery treatments present some unique challenges, and effective patient immobilization and positioning are critical for radiation treatment accuracy. Aktina positionPRO provides an accurate, efficient patient positioning solution for head and neck radiation treatments, helping to contribute to better patient outcomes. Visit on positionPRO or to contact us for more information.