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positionPRO™ Modular Immobilization

REF: 50-840

positionPRO™ is a pitch and roll correction enabled modular immobilization system for cranial and head and neck treatments. This innovative modular solution provides patient immobilization and precision position correction for intracranial, C-spine, and head and neck regions.

positionPRO was designed with today’s advanced radiation therapy clinic in mind. The heart of the system is a unique pitch and roll correcting overlay which can be easily indexed to any treatment or simulation couch top. The system features interchangeable head support modules allowing for quick transition to enhanced thermoplastic or vacuum fixation modes. Ergonomic hand grips and a unique thermoplastic shoulder support option provide added treatment flexibility and increased patient immobilization.

positionPRO is a cost-effective solution that provides a better radiotherapy treatment outcome by improving patient immobilization and position correction while providing the highest degree of patient comfort possible. Combining patient immobilization and position correction in a single solution provides radiotherapy technicians with a pragmatic solution that increases treatment efficiency.

Download the positionPRO data sheet.

System Configurations

positionPRO with arch kit (REF No. 50-807)
positionPRO with arm grip (REF No. 50-832)
positionPRO with cranial head support (REF No. 50-805)
positionPRO with sub cranial support (REF No. 50-806)

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Technical Specifications

Width 46cm (18.1")
Length 110cm (43.3")
Thickness 2.2cm (0.9")
Weight 4 kg (8.8 lbs)
Maximum Load 180 kg (396 lbs) evenly distributed
Attenuation < 2%
Construction Carbon fiber woven shell with Rohacell foam and phenolic inserts

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