Hosting Free Training Sessions on New SpiroCheck Duo in Booth #1113

Aktina Medical, the industry’s primary source for radiation oncology needs, is publicly debuting the recently upgraded SpiroCheck Duo® quality assurance system for Active Breathing Coordinator (ABC) systems at AAPM 2018, July 29th through August 2nd in Nashville, TN. To support the launch of SpiroCheck Duo, Aktina Medical will be hosting free training sessions on the new system throughout the show in booth #1113. Aktina Medical will also be featuring its comprehensive line of immobilization solutions which greatly enhance patient comfort, improving the overall radiotherapy experience and assuring the highest levels of treatment accuracy.

Accurate to within 1.25%, the new SpiroCheck Duo ensures precise readings and performance of designed for use with ABC systems in critical radiotherapy planning and treatment. A Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) compliant device, SpiroCheck Duo completes a full calibration of the ABC’s spirometry and balloon valve in less than two minutes to help minimize downtime.

“Aktina Medical’s new SpiroCheck Duo easily and quickly verifies the accuracy of ABC’s to within 1.25%, so radiotherapy professionals can rest assured that they are providing optimal patient care,” said Nicholas G. Zacharopulos, COO, Aktina Medical.

The SpiroCheck Duo features a precision machined piston with a 1-3-liter calibrated volume displace connected to a linear actuator, creating sinusoidal tidal volume. The completely automated front panel LCD screen displays all Pass/Fail test results without the need to connect the system to an ABC system for post processing data analysis. PC connectivity allows for creating and printing of QC reports.The SpiroCheck Duo is compatible with ABC versions 2 and 3.

Previously, the only option was manual accuracy testing, which involved the use of hand-held syringes. This process has several drawbacks, including the inability to test the balloon valve functionality, difficulty in replicating the patient’s breathing, and operator error such as pushing too fast or too slow.

Aktina Medical is also displaying an impressive array of patient non-invasive immobilization solutions including the company’s popular PinPoint for cranial radiosurgery, Memorial Cradle2 for body radiosurgery, Respiratory Compression Belts, SenoView Prone Breast System, Axion 1 Carbon Fiber Breast Board, Elkta Active Breathing Controller, as well as a comprehensive offering of thermoplastics and assorted accessories.