Aktina Medical, a leader in designing and manufacturing quality radiation oncology systems, is showcasing new solutions designed to ensure the accuracy of radiation therapy treatments at ASTRO’s 2017 Annual Meeting. Products showcased include the company’s Respiratory Compression Belt, SRS Cone Adapters and immobilization systems for Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT).

“We have a very pragmatic philosophy when designing new products – to solve longstanding issues that plague physicists, treatment providers and patients in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible,” said Nicholas G. Zacharopoulos, COO, Aktina Medical. “At ASTRO, we have the opportunity to display our latest products while engaging medical experts to accumulate information that will benefit the industry at large moving forward.”

Featured Aktina Medial products on display at ASTRO include:

The newly enhanced Respiratory Compression Belt which ensures greater treatment accuracy and patient comfort by comfortably restricting movement resulting from the patient’s respiratory cycle. Ideal for abdominal and lung treatments, the Respiratory Compression Belt applies 360-degree pressure evenly around the entire periphery of the patient; allows for the application of user defined pressure; and is adjustable to allow for different size patients. Unique to Aktina Medical’s Respiratory Compression Belt is a patented remote access kit, which allows therapists to monitor and adjust the belt pressure from outside the treatment vault as well as from inside. This helps patient throughput move smoothly, increasing overall efficiency at busy clinics.

Interlocking SRS Cones with automated treatment verification solves the long-existing radiation therapy problem of incorrect cone size selection at time of treatment. The patented system was the first of its kind to provide LINAC interlocks for incorrect cone size by encoding the aperture size mechanically to the cone. The interchangeable cones are lightweight and extremely accurate, available from 5mm through 40mm field sizes in increments of 1mm and can be integrated with Elekta’s LINAC Radiotherapy system for use within the Philips Pinnacle3 , Elekta Monaco, and RaySearch RayStationTreatment Planning Systems. Also showcased at ASTRO is an improved SRS cone adapter with a new two-stage precision adjustment mechanism for simpler and more accurate cone adjustments.

Products and accessories for SRS and SBRT include Aktina’s Pin-Point Vacuum Fixation Systems for sub-millimeter intracranial treatments with a variety of head support options, consumables and replacement parts.