South Pasadena Cancer Center, a state of the art outpatient cancer center, was among the first in the Los Angeles area to offer RapidARC treatments. The goal for their SRS/SRT program was to introduce a non-invasive technique with consideration to patient comfort without compromising accuracy.

South Padadena took delivery of their PinPoint system in February of 2011.

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physicistpicture2 Liwei Zhang, M.S., DABR.
Medical Physicist

“Aktina’s Pinpoint has allowed us to implement a successful RapidARC based SRS/SRT program. We feel it does a great job minimizing interfraction and intrafraction uncertainties., the ease of setup makes it an ideal device for our busy clinic.”

toddwalker W. Todd Walker, ARRT(R)(T)
Chief Radiation Therapist

“With the Aktina pinpoint, we’ve seen a major reduction in patient rotation on our cbct’s prior to treatment. It’s a major improvement over the traditional thermoplastic mask. Set-up time is minimal.”


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