Remote Access Kit

REF: 60-330

Remote Access Kit


The Remote Access Kit allows the Aktina Respiratory Compression Belt to be controlled from outside the LINAC at the control console. It includes wall plates and 100′ pneumatic tubing. It also includes an extension tubing (to be modified to the correct length by the user) that allows the compression belt to be connected directly to the quick connect plate on the wall inside the treatment room. This allows the belt to be conveniently used without running tubes beneath the treatment door.

Technical Specifications

Maximum Run Distance 100′ (30.5m) – inside treatment room to treatment console
Maximum Extension 20′ (6.1m) – inside treatment room wall to patient on the treatment table
Required Hardware
(not supplied with system)
Standard single-gang utility box (qty 2)
Raceway or conduit from treatment console to inside treatment room

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