Rigid Water Plates with Ion-Chamber Wells

REF: 1201-C

Rigid Water Plates with Ion-Chamber Wells


The Rigid Water plate is precision machined to accommodate a customer specified ion-chamber. The choice of with or without cross-hairs is available and the customer can request specific location of the chamber position. Customer chamber cavities can be manufactured at customer’s request.


1201-C01 Capintec Farmer, 0.6cc PR-06C.
1201-C02 PTW Farmer Type, 0.6 cc, 30006 / 30013
1201-C03 Wellhofer Farmer Type, 0.65 cc FC65-G
1201-C04 PTW Advanced Markus, 0.02 cc, 34045
1201-C05 PTW ROOS, 0.035 cc, 34001
1201-C06 PTW PinPoint 31014
1201-C07 IBA C01
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