Rigid Water Plates

REF: 1201

Rigid Water Plates


Rigid Water simulates the absorption characteristics of water over a wider range of energies from 6MV to 21MV photons and from 6MeV to 18MeV electrons. Measurements will be identical to water within 1% over a broad range of the depth dose curve (contact Aktina for more information about material properties). Rigid Water plates can be machined by Aktina to accept your ion-chamber.

Part Number Plate Dimensions
1201-03-05 30cm × 30cm × 0.5cm
1201-03-10 30cm × 30cm × 1.0cm
1201-03-20 30cm × 30cm × 2.0cm
1201-03-50 30cm × 30cm × 5.0cm
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