SpiroCheck Duo

REF: 12-202

SpiroCheck Duo


Know exactly how your ABC is performing, each and every time.

SpiroCheck Duo is a completely automated quality assurance system for the Active Breathing Coordinator (ABC). It takes the uncertainty out of your ABC performance and provides unparalleled full system calibration within two minutes. Accurate to within 1.25%, you can rest assured knowing that you are providing the optimal patient care when utilizing the ABC unit for breath holds.

Advanced firmware and a known volume of air in the automated syringe are behind the simple pass/fail test result which is readily displayed on the integrated LCD screen. Calibrated volume displacement is 1 – 3 L. PC connectivity allows users to create and print QC reports. The SpiroCheck Duo is compatible with ABC versions 2 and 3.

IMPORTANT: we recommend the SpiroCheck Duo undergo Preventive Maintenance (PM) calibration service every three years. The PM calibration service ensures the displaced air volume is accurate and the unit is functioning properly. Learn more about our PM calibration service.

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