Developments in Non-Invasive Localization Improve SRS Treatment and Patient Comfort

Radiation treatment therapy has come a long way in the last few decades. For proper dosage treatment, locational accuracy is essential but challenging to achieve, as the slightest patient movement without proper immobilization would cause the radiation to miss the essential treatment location and possibly harm unaffected areas. In order [...]

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Patented Electronically Interlocking Cones Ensure Accurate Radiation Dosage Delivery With Automated Treatment Verification

Accurate radiation dosage is possibly the most important part of radiation treatment. Since we all know misadministration will likely have severe consequences much has been done by both end users and governing bodies alike to avoid this possibility. There have been initiatives taken to ensure proper radiation dosage delivery. Regulations [...]

September 12, 2017|Tags: , |

AAPM 2017 Recap and Trends

August 3rd was the final day of AAPM 2017, the annual meeting and exhibition that connects medical physicists with the products and research that are advancing the industry. A plethora of industry leaders and innovators, including Aktina, displayed new products on the show floor and new ideas for the AAPM [...]

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