Accurate radiation dosage is possibly the most important part of radiation treatment. Since we all know misadministration will likely have severe consequences much has been done by both end users and governing bodies alike to avoid this possibility.

There have been initiatives taken to ensure proper radiation dosage delivery. Regulations in many states ensure that properly sized cones are barcoded and register with the application software as the proper size and properly attached into the applicator. However, even these measures remained vulnerable to human error–once the proper cone is scanned, there was nothing registering whether or not that scanned cone was the same cone that was then attached to the applicator.

With interlocking SRS cones from Aktina Medical, human error is no longer an issue. The patented system of lead based interlocking cones with stainless steel sleeves to prevent lead contact have carved channels and grooves that match corresponding channels and grooves carved into the applicator. As each cone is inserted into the applicator, they depress (or don’t depress) specific switches and confirm by their own insertion that they are the proper size cone for the programmed dosage. The control software, which has been integrated with the cones and applicator, compares the installed cone with the programmed plan and confirms they match before proceeding. In this way, the risk of human error in the execution of the programmed plan is minimized.

As an additional check to prevent errors, the system is equipped with a quality assurance process. While unlikely, it is possible that one or more of the interlock switches that are used to confirm the cone size might stop working properly. If that happens, the system may not be able to confirm the installed cone correctly. To prevent this situation, a quality assurance cone is used. A QA cone depresses every switch and tests them to assure their functionality, ensuring that any installed cones will be recognized and confirmed accurately.

Interlocking SRS cones with automated treatment verification solves a long-existing problem in radiation therapy– improper dosage delivery. By assuring that the proper cone is inserted into the applicator, and integrating with the applicator and software, operators can be assured that the proper size cone has been inserted and is locked into the applicator. With proper dosage delivery, you can ensure that you are delivering the treatment your patients need.