Three Ways to Keep Radiosurgery Patients More Comfortable

The discussion of radiosurgery is unsettling for most people outside of the medical field, as the circumstances surrounding this procedure are typically not good. Imagine the additional stress associated with any discussion of immobilization, and the serious consequences that can result if unintentional movement occurs during radiosurgery treatment. Fortunately, there [...]

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Advanced SBRT Immobilization Solutions Improve Patient Treatment and Comfort with Higher Cost-Efficiencies

Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) has advanced on many levels in recent years with significant developments in new radiotherapy technologies and the manner in which these treatments are administered – producing better overall results. An important component in this equation involves new immobilization solutions that improve patient comfort as well [...]

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The Elekta ABC System Benefits from the Latest Aktina Medical Mouthpiece

Respiratory motion in image-guided radiotherapy remains a challenge to the safe and effective delivery of these treatment regimens. Movement of internal organs in the abdomen due to patient breathing negatively affects imaging accuracy, particularly for the lungs and nearby organs, and can even make dose-calculations difficult in some cases. Motion [...]

Quality Control Ensures Precise Readings and Performance in Critical Radiotherapy Planning and Treatment

According to a New England Journal of Medicine article titled Recent Developments in Radiotherapy, it is estimated that 470,000 patients receive radiotherapy each year in the United States1.  As many as half of those will receive radiotherapy for cancer. Radiation is a common treatment for some cancers by using high-energy particles or [...]

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Respiratory Compression Belt user list grows as more and more states are added, Aktina continues to lead the way.

In 2017, there were 5,564 registered hospitals in the U.S., according to the American Hospital Association. Many of these hospitals have radiation therapy departments that are offering the most advanced treatments available to date. New imaging/treatment rooms feature designs that better accommodate many of these new therapies but there remain [...]

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ASTRO 2017 Recap

ASTRO 2017, the annual meeting that gathers leading medical physicists in the field of radiation oncology, took place this past month from the 24th to the 27th in San Diego. The best and brightest in the field meet each year at ASTRO to discuss advancements in the field in treatment, as well [...]

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