Elekta Standard Graticule

REF: 11-345

Elekta Standard Graticule


The Elekta Direct Mount Graticule facilitates field size verification, positioning of lead blocks, and tumor localization within the radiation field. It is meant to attach to the Elekta Short Shadow tray holder. It has small tungsten attenuators imbedded in a clear acrylic frame and should be removed during treatment. This Graticule is not compatible with the Elekta STANDARD Shadow Tray Holder.

Technical Specifications

Construction Acrylic plate mounted metal anodized frame
Plate Material 0.5″ acrylic
Attachment Mechanism Bean-block tray slot of the SHORT shadow tray holder
Weight 4.5 lbs
Marker Material Tungsten
Marker Size at Isocenter 2mm (every cm)
4mm (every 5th cm)
Marker Spacing (@ iso) 1cm
Marker Span (@ iso) 40 x 40cm
Coding User selectable (Elekta beam block tray table 1 through 126)
Orientation Marker One off-diagonal marker allows for easy film orientation
Marker Attenuation
(water, 10cm depth, 100cm SAD)
Not applicable

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