GRADIC Port Film Graticule

REF: 54-045

GRADIC Port Film Graticule


The Aktina Port Film Graticule for the Siemens Artiste allows for field size verification, positioning of lead blocks, and tumor localization within the radiation field. Calibration of acrylic plate position up to ±3 mm is possible. Stoppers eliminate the need for recalibration of acrylic plate position. Off-axis marker aids in film orientation.

Technical Specifications

Compatibility Siemens Artiste
Construction Markers within an acrylic block, mounted on metal frame
Adjustment 0.25″ in X and Y directions
Recalibration Locking brakes help fix acrylic plate to reduce recalibration
Insert Location Slot 3
Marker Material Tungsten
Marker Size (actual) 0.04″ radius x 1/2″ length
Weight 1.2kg (2.6 lbs)
Marker Span (@ iso) 40 x 40cm
Marker Spacing (@ iso) 1cm (small), 5cm (large)
Digital Code GRADIC
Orientation Marker One off-diagonal marker allows for easy film orientation

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