Elekta Open Air Graticule

REF: 11-346-M1

Elekta Open Air Graticule


The Aktina Port Film Graticule facilitates field size verification, positioning of lead blocks, and tumor localization within the radiation field. It is meant to attach directly to the head of the Elekta LINAC. It has small spherical markers which are spaced 1cm at iso-center. This version can be left in the field for all photon treatments. A safety latch requires two-step motion to detach.

Technical Specifications

Construction Spherical markers on steel wire within open frame
Plate Material None, open air design
Insert Location Inserts directly into the accelerator head
Attachment Mechanism Two-step safety quick release
Weight 3 lbs
Marker Material Lead
Marker Size at Isocenter 3.6mm
Marker Spacing (@ iso) 1cm
Marker Span (@ iso) 36 x 36cm
Coding None
Orientation Marker None
Marker Attenuation
(water, 10cm depth, 100cm SAD)
6 MV: 2.5%
15 MV: 1.5%

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