Siemens Standard Graticule

REF: 54-044

Siemens Standard Graticule


The Aktina Siemens Port Film Graticule projects a 1cm grid (at isocenter) for the purposes of port film verification. It fits into slot 2 of the Siemens MLC LINACs (pre-Artiste models) and can be adjusted up ±3mm to allow for alignment with the LINAC central axis. The unique design fixes the calibration, eliminating the need for routine adjustments of grid position. An off-axis marker aids in film orientation on the light-box.

Technical Specifications

Compatibility Siemens Pimus and Oncor LINACs
Construction Markers within an acrylic block, mounted on metal frame
Adjustment 0.25″ in X and Y directions
Recalibration Locking brakes help fix acrylic plate to reduce recalibration
Insert Location Slot 2
Marker Material Tungsten
Marker Size (actual) 0.04″ radius x 1/2″ length
Weight 2kg (0.9 lbs)
Marker Span (@ iso) 40 x 40cm
Marker Spacing (@ iso) 1cm (small), 5cm (large)
Digital Code S2N18
Orientation Marker One off-diagonal marker allows for easy film orientation

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