XRETIC Siemens Reticule

REF: 54-225

XRETIC Siemens Reticule


The Radiation Opaque Cross-Hair Reticule is intended to be used for external beam radiation therapy to project central axis cross-hairs within the radiation beam. It is compatible with Siemens LINAC from Siemens software release 2.0 and forward. It is intended to be used with Photons only. The Reticule is intended to be attached to Siemens Digital Linear Accelerators in the beam block tray slot. The tungsten wires cast a shadow in both the light field and radiation field.

Technical Specifications

Compatibility Siemens Artiste
Construction Aluminum frame with open center and tungsten wires
Adjustment ± (0.060″) 1.5mm
Recalibration Not applicable
Insert Location Slot 3
Marker Material Tungsten wire
Marker Size (actual) 0.019″ diameter
Weight 0.55kg (1.2 lbs)
Marker Span (@ iso) 40 x 40cm at 100cm SSD
Marker Spacing (@ iso) Not applicable
Digital Code Siemens Digital Code XRETIC
Orientation Marker None

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